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Since 1996, the H. Buschkuehl Ltd. company is engaged in the distribution of innovative medical and health equipment and products.

The "flagship", which is the original of the photon therapy, the Bionic 880, was awarded with the (German) industry price in 2008/2009 and in 2013 "Best of 2013". Now there is the third development stage emerged from the Acu-Light-Beam.

The Bionic 880 is produced by the H. Buschkuehl Ltd. company in Germany and is distributed internationally. Today the Bionic 880 is used successfully worldwide by doctors and alternative practitioners in daily practice for many indications.

The Bionic 880 takes in a special position, due to the fact that the delivery includes complete treatment concepts that were successfully tested and documented by physicians and immediately leave to apply in daily practice. A look at our website in the (medical) specific area shows you the various indications we have covered and references that we have received with the Bionic 880 within over 17 years. ...

A new extension of the Bionic 880 is the Bionic Transducer (see our other products), as well as equipment and test nosodes.
For non-medical application areas of prevention, wellness and anti-aging based on the Bionic 880, Bionic Home and Bionic Healthcare have been developed.

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11.03.-13.03.2016 Medical Fair Bombay

19.03.2016 SEBIM, Zürich

22.03-25.03.2016 Psychotherapeutischer Kongress DGKJP, Ulm

24.03.-27.03. expoMED EURASIA Istanbul

09.04.2016 Niedersächsischer Naturheinkunde Kongress

23.04.2016 Tagung für Naturheilkunde, München

23.04.2016 CAM-Düsseldorf 

23.04.2016 ILADS Conference Antwerpen, Belgien

06.05.-08.05.2016 Eckernförder Therapietage

04.06.-05.06.2016 Energiemedizin, Bad Homberg

08.06.-10.06.2016 Africa Health

18.06.-19.06.2016 HP-Kongress Karklsruhe

01.07.- 03.07.2015 3rd. Intl. Congress ICNM Barcelona

09.07.2016 HP-Kongress des Südens

03.11. - 06.11.2016 ILADS Conference Philadelphia


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